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Domestic Electrical Testing


Part P of the Building Regulations requires reasonable provision to be made in the design and installation of electrical installations in order to protect persons operating, maintaining or altering the installations from fire or injury.

In short, electrical installations must be safe, and it’s important to use a Part P Domestic Installer to comply with these requirements.

The good news is that we are NICEIC Part P Approved.

Domestic Electrical Testing

At My Elec Group Ltd, we are dedicated to ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical systems in your home with our expert domestic electrical testing services.


Regular electrical testing is crucial for identifying potential hazards and ensuring that your home’s electrical installations comply with current safety standards. Our certified electricians perform thorough electrical inspections to provide you with peace of mind.

Our domestic electrical testing services include comprehensive checks of wiring, circuits, and electrical components to detect any issues that could pose a risk. We provide detailed inspection reports, highlighting any problems and offering recommendations for necessary repairs or upgrades.


Trust My Elec Group Ltd for professional and dependable electrical testing for homes, ensuring a safe and efficient electrical system for you and your family.

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