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My Elec Group Background

Insurance Electrical Testing


We have been working with numerous well-known insurers over the last ten years, inspecting damage to electrical installations caused by fire or water.

We always have a quick response team of specialist electrical testing engineers on call.

Insurance Electrical Testing

At My Elec Group Ltd, we understand the importance of insurance electrical testing for securing comprehensive insurance coverage and ensuring the safety of your property.


Our specialized services are designed to meet the rigorous requirements set by insurance companies, providing you with the necessary documentation to verify the safety and compliance of your electrical systems.


Our team of certified electricians conducts thorough electrical inspections to identify potential hazards and ensure all installations adhere to current safety standards.

Our insurance electrical testing services include detailed assessments and testing of all electrical components, ensuring they meet the required criteria for insurance purposes. We provide comprehensive inspection reports that highlight any issues and recommend necessary actions to maintain compliance.


Trust My Elec Group Ltd for professional and reliable electrical testing for insurance, giving you peace of mind and helping you secure the best possible insurance terms for your property.

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