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Retail Electrical Testing


Large or small businesses which own or rent a commercial property or have multiple sites (including retail outlets, offices, shops, restaurants, hotels, leisure facilities and warehouses) must have a current Satisfactory NICEIC Electrical Certificate to comply with the Electricity at Works Act 1989.

If you don’t have this yet, you need our help!

Retail Electrical Testing

At My Elec Group Ltd, we offer specialized retail electrical testing services designed to meet the unique needs of retail environments. Ensuring the safety and efficiency of electrical systems in retail spaces is crucial for both customer safety and business operations.


Our certified electricians are experienced in conducting thorough electrical inspections tailored for retail settings, identifying potential hazards and ensuring compliance with current safety regulations.

With our retail electrical testing services, you can maintain a safe and reliable electrical infrastructure, minimizing downtime and enhancing the shopping experience for your customers. We provide detailed inspection reports, highlighting any issues and offering solutions to rectify them.


Partner with My Elec Group Ltd for professional and dependable electrical testing for retail spaces, and ensure your business operates smoothly and safely.

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